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Useful for bear interventions

Action Plan for the conservation of the brown bear population in Romania

”Ursulica” on the slopes of Predeal, Brasov county, Romania, January 2021
Relocation process

Feb 2, 2021


This is a successful head-to-tail action and an extraordinary example of good collaboration between institutions!

How much time, how much manpower, how much dedication, how much energy, how many institutions… concrete efforts have been made to find the best solutions in this situation that has been put in front of them NOW. It was a documented, weighed and thoughtful decision.

The appearance of the bear on the Predeal slope created both amusement and panic. The mountain rescuers were the first to give a lot of time and effort to remove it from the slopes in order to maintain the safety of people. Then they were supported by the Mountain Gendarmerie and all the institutions empowered to resolve the situation. This was followed by days of monitoring, gathering evidence and preparing documentation. When the bureaucracy was complete and legal, the practical procedure started, which after a lot of planning and training ended with the capture of the bear in safe conditions for both the bear and the people. After capture, she was reassured, samples and measurements were taken and a GPS / GSM / Radio monitoring system was installed. It was transported for release to an area with habitat suitable for the bear species, with enough space and food to stay in the forest. The area was chosen after much study to avoid interactions with people and their activities, in order to minimize the negative effects. After release, the bear specimen is still monitored both physically and through the GPS monitoring system to study its reaction, behavior, route and chances of rehabilitation, given that it is young, did not yet behave excessively deviant and was not aggressive.

THE RELOCATION TOOK PLACE QUICK AND EFFICIENT, BEFORE THE SLOPES WERE FILLED WITH CHILDREN! We remind you that it is a holiday between January 29 and February 7