Life for Bear




  • A study, which includes knowledge of the needs and expectations of stakeholders
  • A final analysis report of human-bear conflicts
  • Practical guide for analyzing the bonity of bear habitats in the conflict area
  • Revised action plan for the conservation of the brown bear population
  • A BEAR CONFLICT team approved by the Ministry of Environment, consisting of specialists
  • A technical guide for determining the damage caused by the bear
  • 20 bears relocated outside the conflict zones and monitored by GPS systems.
  • Technical guidance for the capture, relocation and monitoring of problem bears
  • An activity report on improving the trophic supply
  • Technical guidelines for the application of solutions regarding the improvement of the trophic supply, of natural habitats, for bears
  • A set of measures with forestry-hunting applicability
  • Good practice guide for improving protection systems for sheepfolds and beekeeping farms, orchards and crops, in order to reduce conflicts
  • A thematic map with the distribution of the bear and other relevant objectives from the project area
  • An evaluation report on the initial conservation status of the brown bear in the project area
  • 4 information events and a final conference
  • Promotional and informative materials: information panels, brochures, project banners, stickers, posters, pens, personalized T-shirts and caps, educational DVDs, guides to good pastoral practice
  • Website and discussion forum
  • An awareness-dissemination report
  • An awareness report for the promotion of sites of Community importance (SCI)