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Press Release – bear attacks a citizen in Brasov on 07/14/2016

Dec 10, 2021


The technical staff from Kronstadt RA with specialists from INCDS- Marin Drăcea Brasov, from the project LIFE FOR BEAR, conducted research in the area in which the attack took place: they studied the traces ( blood, footprints, bear droppings etc.), type of habitat, road way, and other elements of the accident.

The investigations made by technical staff and specialists have found that:

The person who attacked is local resident from Brasov. He went to the woods with a shovel and a carriage, accompanied by his dog with the intention to collect earth. The attack took place in the forest about 500 m from the settlements. The road he used to enter the forest is not a public road or tourist route. The area has reduced visibility to less than 5 meters. The incident occurred because the man used a route that is not public, in an area where the  forest is very thick where wild animals are seeking shelter and refuge. Most likely the bear was disturbed and scared dog which pushed him towards his master. The man was wounded and managed to get back to the city where he was taken to an ambulance crew and transported to the Emergency Hospital from Brasov.

The main reason that bears are close to the settlements is because the accessible food source.Fruit trees were identified in the area and household waste thrown by locals, behind the gardens. This bear is dangerous because it got the taste of blood (vicious bear) and might again attack people. In the last two months there have been incidents of bear attacks in Bunloc: one day the bear attacked and injured a person and in the evening tried a new attack, but the man managed to escape; 2 weeks after the incident had occurred another attack took place and resulted in an injury. Throughout that period damages  were reported to near by households.

Specialists from the project LIFE FOR BEAR recommends citizens not to go out in the next period in the forests around Brasov (, Răcădău, Schei) until the situation is solved / eliminate household waste that attract bears and tourists should not make barbecues in the woods or leave garbage on tourist routes.

In general, when out in forest areas, heed the following tips to prevent direct human-bear conflicts:

  • Avoid walking in the woods where bear presence is indicated.
  • Only use marked paths and trails or forest roads open to the public!
  • Stroll in groups and only during the day!
  • Avoid walking in the early morning, late in the evening.
  • Make noise! It’s good to talk, whistle or sing while walking.
  • Be careful and follow the footsteps of bears! Go back the way you came if you notice them!
  • Keep away from sources of abundant food and dead animals because the bear might be nearby.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and under control! Dogs are not a source of defense, but rather an instigation to the bear.