“Project supported by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union”

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Action Plan for the conservation of the brown bear population in Romania

INSTALLATION OF BEAR-PROOF SYSTEMS for EUROCONTAINERS in the Brașov-Prahova Valley area, Romania

Nov 15, 2021


After many stages carried out within the LIFE FOR BEAR project “Conservation of the brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in Romania”, coordinated by the National Institute for Forestry Research and Development “Marin Drăcea” – SCDEP Brasov (INCDS Brasov), funded by the European Commission through the LIFE + Natura program, at the end of 2020, in the area of Brașov-Prahova Valley, 75 bear-proof systems were installed, which ensure the security of 150 eurocontainers of 1100L.

Following the monitoring of bear activity, consultations with decision makers and the support of local authorities, the systems were installed in the localities: Râșnov, Timișul de Jos, Predeal, Azuga, Busteni, Moroeni, Cheia (residential areas and tourist areas at the edge of the forest).

These systems are demonstrative and innovative and have been specially designed to block bears’ access to waste.

The creation of the prototype was aimed at: securing bear access in terms of access, functionality, strength, appearance and compatibility with the current waste collection method.

The design of the system was facilitated by the experience shared by the collaborators of the LIFE DINALP BEAR project from Slovenia, through the transfer of good practices.

Observations and field information show that where bear systems were used correctly, bears no longer had access to litter.

The aim is to stop attracting bears and to keep them away from visits to landfills, attracting the safety of both locals and bears.

Acknowledgments for collaboration and support: local public authorities, sanitation/ waste collection companies, forestry districts, hunting fund managers in the implementation areas of the Brașov-Prahova Valley project.